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Yin Yoga Student Intensive

with Yin Yoga Founder Paulie Zink
July 18 - 19, 2020

Workshop participants learn a variety of Yin and Yang postures, which blend and balance the body's yin and yang energies. Instruction also includes methods of flowing with movement, how to grow the body to optimize flexibility, visualization exercises and breathing meditations. In addition, the properties of the five elements are explained and demonstrated as Master Zink leads students through the cycle of energy transformation.

THE ART OF YIN AND YANG YOGA. Developed from the healing practices and spiritual philosophies of ancient China, this art is based on Taoist principles of living in oneness with nature. We will experience how to cultivate vital life force and direct it through the body, balance our yin and yang energies, liberate ourselves from limiting perceptions, feel with the intuitive heart, and express the artist within.

YIN YOGA. Postures of stillness promote growth, clear energetic blockages, enhance circulation.

YANG YOGA. Postures to develop core strength and muscle tone, balance, and stamina.

FLOW YOGA. Including both Yin and Yang Yoga, Taoist Flow is more than just a sequence of postures. In Taoist Flow the process of transition from pose to pose is as integral to the practice as the postures themselves. Taoist movement incorporates continuous, smooth, circular motion to promote ease, fluidity, and grace in the body.

TAOIST ALCHEMY. Cultivating and harmonizing the five transforming alchemical elemental energies that are contained in the universal life field and animate distinct qualities in the body such as lightness, fluidity, strength, springiness, and calm.

  • The Five Elements: Theory, Energetic Qualities, Cycle Of Transmutation
  • Philosophy Of Taoist Yoga: The Concept Of Non-Interference
  • Relationship Of The Microcosmic Self To The Macrocosmic Universe
  • The Natural Breath Cycle & The Circulation Of Energy
  • Taoist Meditations For Grounding & Relaxation
  • The Five Elements: Yin & Yang Aspects, Health & Balance of The Emotions
    & Internal Organs
  • The Taoist Way Of Spontaneity And Receptivity
  • Being In Harmony With Our Individual Tao
  • Relaxing The Thinking Mind To Awaken To Our Primal & Intuitive Natures
  • How To Grow The Body Supple
  • Taoist Visualizations For Deepening Your Practice

Yin Yoga Student Intensive
Saturday, July 18 12:00 - 5:30 pm $170
Sunday, July 19 12:00 - 5:30 pm $170

The discounted cost for the full weekend........................$260

The workshop will be held at the Chicago Yoga Center.

Class size is limited, please sign up early.

The Workshop is accessible for all levels, including beginners.


Master Paulie Zink received private intensive training for ten years as the sole protégé of Chinese Taoist yoga and kung fu master, Cho Chat Ling.
A three-time international martial arts grand champion, Paulie is renowned for his fluidity, flexibility, and artistry of motion. He teaches with a relaxed and playful demeanor that encourages everyone to feel accepted and comfortable. He brings over 30 years' experience to his teaching.

For Students from out of town we suggest EARLY room reservation.
Chicago gets very busy at certain times.

Chicago Getaway Hostel,, 773-929-5380
Inn at Lincoln Park,, 866-774-7275; 773-348-2810
Days Inn Lincoln Park,,
888-576-3297, 773-525-7010
City Suites Hotel,, 773-404-3400
The Willows Hotel,, 773-528-8400
Old Chicago Inn,, 773-472-2278
AND you can always:

To reserve a space, fill out and print the WORKSHOP FORM registration specifying

Yin Student Intensive
with Yin Yoga Founder Paulie Zink

along with a check to the
CHICAGO IL 60657-4274

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